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Minyeong Park | BS Arch, MArch
Project Coordinator + Designer 

With a passion for both Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Minyeong has been working since 2018 in Seoul and Madrid. Over the years, Minyeong has been involved in a variety of projects, ranging from building designs to public garden designs. During her graduate studies in the Master of Architecture program at Yonsei University, she conducted intense research on the post-use of international event venues and the sustainability certification and operation of the built environment.

Minyeong believes that every project is an opportunity to create moments of beauty and wonder, and she is grateful for the chance to do so. She values collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning, which have helped her develop each project while respecting the surrounding context. Her work has been a constant attempt to merge functionality, sustainability, and artistry while incorporating the natural environment.

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