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Erica MacKenzie, PLA, BSLA, ASLA
Landscape Architect + Project Manager

Erica MacKenzie is an award-winning landscape architect with over a decade of professional experience.  Applying her logical and creative strengths, Erica obtained a Bachelor of Science from Arizona State University in Landscape Architecture in 2012 and has been creating beautiful spaces for people to inhabit and enjoy ever since. She has worked on diverse project types including residential, parks and recreation, mixed-use, trailhead, roadway, university campus, public memorials, and more.


Erica sees each site as an opportunity to choreograph how a person moves through a space, to influence how they feel, and to invigorate their senses. She listens carefully to the desires of clients and explores each request thoroughly, maximizing site opportunities while reframing site constraints as exciting puzzles to solve.  She feels as though this career was designed for her, combining her love of design, art, dance, architecture, research, analysis, and the beautiful desert landscape into something she gets to practice every day.  

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