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Brian Kissinger
Principal, Director of Horticulture

Brian is a Horticulturist with decades of thoughtful garden design, enhancing architecture and lives. Brian has focused on Public, Estate, and Private Garden and Botanical Garden design development. He believes that first and foremost in every project is the attention to detail. This is the key to creating lasting beauty and success. From conception to completion, Brian has been dedicated to the highest level of production of dreams realized in outdoor settings.


As a collaborator, principal and project manager, he has worked with many professional agencies, non-profits, as well as architects artists and designers. As the former Director of Horticulture at the Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, he has raised horticultural awareness and it’s part in the Gardens choreography.


Brian is a proponent of an integrative design process, with all stakeholders at the table from the inception, through construction and afterwards. His role in our collaboration is as designer and advocate for Botanical Gardens world wide. He approaches all institutional projects from a very experienced, specific and insider knowledge.

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